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Planning your first look: for brides

The very first time you see each other on your wedding day. It’s one of the biggest and most important moments of the day… Do you want the first time to see each other be when you are walking down the aisle? Or do you want it to be more intimate, more personal and do […]


The beauty of nature: personal

Being out in nature is one of my favourite things to do. The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me. Combine that with pretty Arizona light and my photographer’s heart skips a beat :-) I took my camera out with me during a few hikes the past weeks to document some of nature’s glory. […]


The beauty of golden hour light: for brides

You may have heard me mention it before: golden hour light and how much I adore it. For those who are not familiar with the term: golden hour light is the gorgeous golden light you get on sunny days about an hour to 2 hours before sunset. It’s the most amazing light to photograph in […]

Group and family photos, almost every couple wants these made during their wedding day. Parents and grandparents tend to treasure these images! To ensure this endeavour runs smoothly during the day, make sure you plan it. Schedule time for it (and plenty of time too since this always takes up more time than you think!) […]


Planning your group photos: for brides


A BLM Mustang adoption day…

Mustangs, my passion, my heart. I’m very much against the roundups that the BLM does but I do also feel that the Mustangs that have been captured so far, deserve a loving home. Last week the BLM facility in Oklahoma had an Open House with a demo on gentling a Mustang and they were open […]

Last week I had the huge pleasure of attending a TIP challenge event in Texas. The TIP challenges were created to make adopting Mustangs a bit easier for the public since you then adopt a horse that has had 82 days of training already and that means they are halter broke, can load in trailers […]


Mustang horse heaven


Pia & Ranger: equestrian portraits

The love you have for your favourite horse. That once in a lifetime horse that steals your heart and changes your life forever. Nothing makes me happier than seeing this love in front of my lens. I was thrilled to photograph Pia with darling Ranger. A gorgeous draft horse who is such a sweet soul. […]

Meet Jelisha and Trevor, I’ve photographed this darling couple before and it’s a joy every single time. Jelisha is Dutch like me and we always have fun chatting in Dutch and complaining about which foods we are missing from home hahaha. They just got their horses, Socie and Cope, and wanted some nice photos with […]


Jelisha & Trevor: equestrian couple shoot

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