April 7, 2021

Jeff & Cactus Flower: Mustang trainer first touches

The Extreme Mustang Makeover is very close to my heart and I’m so thrilled that Jeff Cook of Dream Horse AZ is participating again in the August Oklahoma edition!

Jeff picked up his Mustang just last week and they asked me to come document the very first touches. She was just 2 days out of holding when we took these photos. It was incredibly special to be witness this process and see how Jeff works with Mustangs that are still so wild. He was also able to take her BLM tag off and I’m not gonna lie but I teared up when he did that. She’s no longer known as 7945 but is now called Cactus Flower and with Jeff’s training and guidance, I know she has a very, very bright future ahead of her and I cannot wait to see her progress along the way <3

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