April 21, 2016

Why do you love film so much?

Why do you love film so much, isn’t digital just as amazing? A question I hear a lot…

But yes, I love film. I adore it actually.

To me, film is art. A film image can look like a painting to me. Delicate and with lots of depth in the image. Don’t even get me started on skin tones on film… Because honestly, as much as I love the flexibility of digital (and I do still shoot a lot of digital!), nothing beats skin tones on film. During weddings, the combination of film and digital (which is amazing in low light situations!) is the best of both worlds for me.
I don’t like flash with film and my favorite film stock needs a lot of natural light so combining with digital (which I can use longer with available light before turning to flash) is the best way to go for me.

Shooting film slows me down, it makes me think twice before pressing that shutter button. Because film is expensive, very expensive. It’s not just purchasing a roll of film which contains just 36 or 15 images per roll (depending whether I’m photographing medium format or regular 35 mm), but it’s also the costs of the film lab who develop the film and then scan the images so I can receive the digital files to deliver to clients and vendors. I sometimes wonder when I’m paying another high film lab bill if shooting film really is worth it to invest in and then I receive my scans back from the lab and I remember…oh yes, it is so worth it!

An out of focus film image can still look amazing and sometimes those images are the ones I love the most. The imperfection in it, the softness, the realness. It’s fine art at it’s very best.

I’ve combined a few images from a recent editorial, digital left, film on the right. Let’s face it, those creamy skin tones in the film images? Nothing compares to it!



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