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Why do an engagement session? : for brides

So do we really need to do an engagement session? One of the most heard questions from couples during our client meetings.
Do you need to? No, you don’t need to BUT I’d highly recommend doing one.
If it’s not included in your photographer’s package, it will be an added expense, I get that but it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Engagement sessions are such a fantastic way for you to get used to being photographed. Because that will feel weird at first, I can guarantee it! If you do an engagement session, you’ll not only get used to being photographed but you will also get used to the way your photographer works. It makes the couple session on your wedding day so much easier. You will feel much more relaxed and confident going into the couple shoot on your wedding day. Every single couple I’ve done an engagement session with first, has told ┬áme this. Because most couples do get nervous at the thought of being photographed. Almost every couple I meet, will say the same thing: I’m not photogenic at all. But honestly, everyone can look good in photos. But it takes confidence, confidence in your photographer and in yourself. By doing a session beforehand and seeing the images afterwards (and seeing that you can absolutely look amazing in photos!) that confidence will be there on your wedding day.

What I personally also love about engagement sessions is not only the fact that we can get to know our couples better (because that is a huge bonus!) but our couples receive beautiful images of the two of them during such a special time in their lives. Not in their wedding attire, but in beautiful, more regular outfits. Just how they are. How amazing is that to have and to treasure for years to come?

So if you are on the fence about doing a session, I’d highly recommend going for it!


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