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What about this groom prep?

Since we’ve recently started blogging for brides, we didn’t want our grooms to feel left out! So, Ray will be blogging for grooms starting with this first post about groom prep. Enjoy! A xo

Men and women are different. It’s a quote we all know is true, so dear grooms it’s time for a mans perspective. When we meet our clients I usually joke about how the girls will get up at 5am to get ready for their best looks at 1pm while the grooms sleep in till noon and then at 5 minutes before they have to leave they get dressed and we push out the prep. In reality it takes a bit longer. It’s usually 7 minutes ;)

So what about the prep? When a bride gets ready everyone knows what’s good for the photos. You shoot the make-up getting done, the jewelry, shoes (or as Anouschka prefers Choos), hair getting done, putting on the dress, the dress without anyone in it, the bridesmaids getting ready with hair, make-up, etcetera… But what about groom prep? Most grooms don’t interfere with the planning of the morning. Us men we like to sleep in and get ready in peace and quiet, then “go do this wedding thingy” and go party.

On the morning of the wedding, sometimes the day before, we start thinking about what’s going to happen. So here’s a list of what groom prep is and what will happen.

First some reassurances. I will not shoot you or your friends in underwear (unless you have something cool planned and you ask me to do so).

I will start without camera. Just say hi and get to know who is there and how you are doing. Then I will grab my camera and start to shoot your suit in the best light without you in it. Then I will grab your socks, (bow)tie, shoes, cuff links & belt and place them together as your details. In the meantime you will put on your pants and your blouse. Your getting ready is as simple as tying your shoelaces, then closing your belt, then buttoning your vest. It always helps if your groomsmen and/or parents are dressed at this point. It’s always good for the photo if someone helps you with your cuff links and (bow)tie. That’s it. If there’s time I’ll take some shots of you in your suit, by yourself, with parents and/or groomsmen.

And the big question is; Why do I disturb my peaceful “sleeping in” to have my getting ready part documented?
Easy, because your soon to be wife wants it and will love you more for doing this. And she wants to see what you did in her absence ;)



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