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Wedding gift etiquette: for brides

Gifts, while guests are not required to bring one, most of them do.
How do you prevent receiving another salt & pepper shaker without being rude or breaking etiquette too much?

There are multiple options, you can choose to set up a registry at your favorite store(s) and pick out items for your registry list.
Most larger stores offer this option.

While it was a no-no to ask for cash for a long time, this is no longer the case. You can absolutely ask for cash so you can decide for yourself what to invest it in.

Another option is to setup an account with HoneyFund, which is a free honeymoon registry. That way guests do give you cash but that goes towards your honeymoon.

Don’t need anything and want to involve charity? Ask your guests to donate to your favorite charity.

A big etiquette question is of course: can you add your registry or cash request to your invitation itself?
That’s still considered to be a big no-no.
If you have a wedding website (which is a great idea to add additional information to for your guests and have them RSVP online too!) you can add your requests to the site. If you don’t have a wedding website but still want to send additional information to your guests, you can opt top create a separate note to add to the invitation.


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