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Unplugged ceremonies: for brides

An unplugged ceremony. You may have heard it mentioned before on wedding blogs or in magazines. But what is an unplugged ceremony exactly and why should you choose to have one?

An unplugged ceremony is a ceremony where guests are kindly requested to leave their camera’s, phones and tablets in their bags or pockets en to truly enjoy what is happening right in front of them.

Your photographer(s) and/or videographer(s) are the ones with camera’s in hand documenting everything while your guests are enjoying this beautiful moment with their own eyes and not through their camera lens.

You could even opt to have the full wedding day be an unplugged day so you can also be the first ones to post a photo on social media and to avoid getting tagged in photos that you wouldn’t have wanted to be the first ones showcasing your gorgeous outfits on your profile page.

An unplugged ceremony is also wonderful for your photographer and videographers. Nobody with point and shoot camera’s, smartphones, or even worse, tablets, jumping into their frame so they can quickly grab a shot of this special moment. Nobody blocking anyone’s view or positioning themselves right in frame of the photographer by standing opposite them with their phone or camera in hand.

Also a bonus: your guests will look much nicer in the photos because: faces! You get to see their faces!
Because let’s be honest here, you’d much rather see your dad with a big smile on his face when you’re saying I do or that tear that’s streaming down your mother’s face as opposed to them having a phone in front of their faces?

So how do you instruct your guests?
I hear this question often: how do I ask my guests without offending them and will they understand us?

Well, to tackle the latter first: it’s YOUR day, so whether they like it or not that they are not allowed to take photos, it’s still YOUR party and you can do whatever you want!

But, most people fully understand if they are told the reasons why you are opting for an unplugged ceremony, especially if you tell them it’s for their own benefit too. They want to look good in photos, don’t they?

There are a few ways in which you can inform your guests:

Ask your wedding planner or master of ceremony to announce it when you are sending your invitations.
Have your officiant or planner announce it at the beginning of the ceremony.
Make a cute sign in which you inform them and place it at the entrance of the ceremony location.
Announce it on your wedding website, if you have one.

Good luck planning your wedding ceremony!


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