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Traveling with your gown: for brides

One thing to prepare for when planning your destination wedding is how to travel with your gown. You’re most likely traveling by plane and have to take it with you across the borders.

When picking up your dress from the boutique, it will most likely be packaged for you. If it’s packaged in plastic first, be sure to check if there are some air holes in there for the fabric to breathe.
The gown should then be placed in a breathable cotton garment bag.

If you are driving to the venue for a local wedding, then be sure to lay the gown flat in the car and take it out of the bag as soon as you get to the venue so the dress can hang and regain it’s original form.

If you are flying, don’t ever check your gown with your luggage. Always carry it as hand luggage. To be safe, you can give the airline a call beforehand to mention that you will be traveling with a wedding gown and most of the time they will then reserve some space for you in the on-board closet.

If you do end up with a few wrinkles in the fabric, you can hang the dress in the bathroom during a warm shower (the steam will do the trick). Otherwise handheld steamers are great too.

Safe traveling!


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