Things I love: our new camerabags and Shootsacs

Bags, purses, yes, I love them. We have the Think Tank airport international that carries a ton of our stuff and we used to have an additional Think Tank bag. While it was great to use, it wasn’t very cute. Girlproblems, I know…

So I decided to start browsing for a new bag to use for our additional gear. I fell head over heels in love with the Kelly Moore Libby. And what a great bag it turns out to be. Lots of room, it can fit a laptop and iPad without problems and it’s cute without being girly so Ray can easily carry it aswell without looking crazy ;-)

We now use this bag at every wedding and it carries our additional gear, laptop etc and I use it for backup equipment when I shoot bridal prep while Ray has the trolley with his backup equipment for groom prep.

I also got the Kelly Moore Mimi and I got this for loveshoots/engagements especially. It’s great to carry 2 bodies and a few lenses so when I’m shooting hybrid, I can easily fit my filmbody in there aswell. I don’t need to carry a camerabody in hand all the time which is great since we had quite a few city loveshoots this year.

Bags we really honestly can NOT shoot without during weddings are our Shootsacs. Gosh, I LOVE these bags! Our old ones served us amazingly well for 5 years and now it was time to invest in new ones. I hear quite a few people complain that they are so pricey. Yes, it’s a big chunk of money, it absolutely is BUT like I said, our others served us for 5 years! That’s a heck of a long time and so I really feel it’s an investment when you get this bag.

The new ones have roomier pockets than our previous ones and I love that about these, it makes it easier to get the lenses in and out.

Being a mainly prime lens shooter, this bag makes shooting that much easier and more comfortable. We carry our lenses with us. We often get asked: doesn’t it take up too much time to switch a lens? Nope, you get so used to it and it literally takes just a few seconds.

We also got new covers with zipper pocket (great for your phone and lipgloss!) and I got the cardholder aswell. How cute are they? Ray loves the Think Tank ones and I get that, they are very masculine. However, I prefer pretty so I love the new ones Shootsac recently launched :-)

If you want to learn more about how we shoot, we have a few seats available for our October workshop :-)

The Kelly Moore Libby bag.

Lots of room inside.

Beautiful details on the outside.

The Mimi bag.

It might look like a small bag, but you can fit a TON of stuff in there!

The wonderful new Shootsacs.

Roomier pockets.

Beautiful new covers and a cute new cardwallet.


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