The thief of joy

I send this text out in our photographer’s newsletter last week and I got such wonderful responses from people feeling the exact same way. So I decided to share this on the blog too :)

The thief of joy. Have you met him? He goes by the name Comparison.
I know I’ve met him multiple times and social media hasn’t made it any easier to avoid him.

I adore Instagram. It’s my favorite social media tool. However, lately I’ve begun to notice that Instagram is setting the tone for my mood. Usually in not such a good way.
I’ll see people raving about their latest booking, about the new dream clients they’ve just met up with, about the places they’re traveling to, I’ll see their number of likes and followers growing by the second and all of a sudden, my life doesn’t feel like enough. My business doesn’t feel like enough.
As if the number of likes or followers defines who you are. As if the highlight reel of people’s lives (because nobody posts their not so great happenings on social media, it’s just the wonderful highlights they share…) we see on Instagram is the real deal.

It doesn’t, it isn’t.

I need to remind myself of this daily.

Last week I decided I needed to change some things in my daily habits. As most people do, first thing I do when I get up, is reach for my phone and check Instagram.
That needed to change. So now, I just post my own post for the day (thanks to the reminder on the Later app) and then I close Instagram instantly. I start my day with my workout and walking the dogs and only then do I open up my Instagram newsfeed to check it.
So my day starts in a completely different tone and mindset.

I also decided my newsfeed was getting too crowded and so I unfollowed a ton of accounts. Accounts whose content don’t interest me much, accounts that post 5 times a day (please don’t clog my newsfeed, ugh…) and people I didn’t feel a great connection with or had hardly interaction with.
So now my newsfeed is so much less crowded and it makes it that much more manageable.

I encourage you to try this too. Clean up the list of accounts you follow, if they make you feel bad or you just don’t connect with them: unfollow.
That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them at all. Don’t feel guilty about it. You need to allocate your time in a way that feels good for you. If your newsfeed is making you feel crappy, if it makes the thief of joy rear it’s ugly head, change it!
And honestly, not checking social media first thing in the morning is a blessing. Focusing on you and your mindset is a great gift to give to yourself on a daily basis :)

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."