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The beauty of golden hour light: for brides

You may have heard me mention it before: golden hour light and how much I adore it. For those who are not familiar with the term: golden hour light is the gorgeous golden light you get on sunny days about an hour to 2 hours before sunset. It’s the most amazing light to photograph in if you love warm, golden light and lenseflare. Which is just what I adore :)
I often hear couples say: that’s what I want in my photos. I get that, absolutely. You do however need to time your shoot around the hour that the light is at it’s most gorgeous. If these are the types of photos you want for your portrait shoot or wedding shoot and you plan the shoot at 12 noon, you will be very disappointed as this is not what the light will look like at that time. Between noon and 2 pm the light is harsh since the sun is at it’s highest point. I always try to look for open shade when I have wedding shoots around that time (I try to avoid planning portrait or equine shoots at these hours at all cost). So if you want golden light in your photos, plan the shoot about 2 hours before sunset if that’s at all possible in your wedding schedule.

Usually when I am at the wedding for the full dinner and party, I will quickly take the couple outside again when the light is this gorgeous and their shoot was earlier that day. I’ve never ever had couples complain about this, actually these photos usually turn into some of their most favorite of the day.
For portrait shoots I try to plan shoots around the golden hour. I do live in the real world though and not every shoot is sunny. If there’s bad weather in the forecast, I will always reschedule portrait and equine sessions.

What I will usually do is start the shoot about 2 hours before sunset. The first 10-15 minutes are awkward for every couple as they get used to being photographed and as the shoot progresses they get more relaxed and the light gets more gorgeous. At the end of the shoot, when they feel completely at ease in front of the camera, the light will be at it’s best usually resulting in some of my favorite images from the shoot :)

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