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Re-using old dog toys: for dog parents

I don’t know about your dogs but our two can be obsessed with a toy for quite some time, only to forget about it completely after a while.
Which results in lots of toys that are still in great condition, just lying about in the toy basket. Not being used.
Such a waste…

We’ve found a perfect solution though! Every few months, we go through the toy basket and pick out items that are still in great condition but are no longer played with and we bring them to our local shelter.
Dogs in shelters need all the cheering up they can get, right?
We do the same with old towels and old dog beds. If it’s still in great shape, we drop it at our shelter and they are so thankful for it.

So next time you are cleaning out old toys, blankets or towels, remember the darling pups at your local shelter :)


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ever mine, 
ever ours"