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Planning your group photos: for brides

Group and family photos, almost every couple wants these made during their wedding day.
Parents and grandparents tend to treasure these images!

To ensure this endeavour runs smoothly during the day, make sure you plan it. Schedule time for it (and plenty of time too since this always takes up more time than you think!) and make a list.

Take the time beforehand to think about which combos you want for the photos and write it down. Make sure that both your photographer and your coordinator have a copy of this list. If you are dealing with any divorced parents, think about how you would like to handle that during these photos.

The easiest way to go about it on the day itself, is to start with the smaller group (for instance: couple with parents) and then add on (couple with parents and siblings, grandparents etc). Or the other way around, start with the large group and peel off to end with the small group.

Taking these photos takes time, keep that in mind when you’re making your list. It’s tempting to want photos with each and every one of your guests, but that might just be too much for you on the day. Every group will take about 3 minutes to take the photo (to find everyone, to pose everyone etc) so keep that in mind for sure when planning the day.

The best time to do group photos is either in the morning if you are doing a first look or right after the ceremony before your cocktail hour begins.

Your photographer will need help to gather everyone. So make sure you have your coordinator or someone from your bridal party help your photographer out. Your photographer won’t know everyone and having someone gather everyone will ensure it runs quickly and smoothly.
Make sure that everyone that is on the list knows beforehand that they are needed for family photos. Otherwise I can assure you that someone is in the bathroom, someone is changing outfits, someone is not to be found etc.

If you are wanting a photo of the entire group, so all your guests for instance, keep in mind that steps or something similar will be needed. Your photographer will need to layer the group so everyone’s face can actually be seen. If there are no steps for you and your guests to stand on, have a step ladder for your photographer or check to see if there is a way to photograph from a balcony for instance so everyone can look up.

Preparation is key and you will be so glad you prepared for it on the day itself so you and your guests can head to cocktail hour as quickly as possible :)

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