Picking memorable music for your wedding: for brides

It’s one thing that gets left to the last minute often. Picking music for your wedding. It’s such an important thing though because hearing certain songs, can bring back so many memories.
Just picture the song that you have picked to walk down the aisle to popping on the radio a few months after your wedding… It will take you back to that moment instantly.
Music has memories attached to it, just like scents. Just picture that scene from Love Actually when the band starts playing All You Need is Love as a surprise for the couple. When I hear that song, I see that scene.

For a few moments you will want to pick your own songs and not leave it to your DJ or band! During the ceremony for instance, when you are walking down the aisle, for the recessional and then of course, for your first dance.
If you already have “your” song, a song that’s been so special to you for many years, I’d definitely use it for one of those moments.
It’s you, it’s yours, it’s close to your heart already.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to pick these songs. It will probably make you just browse the hit charts to find something quickly when picking something that’s authentically you and memorable, is well worth investing a bit of time in when it comes to the music for your wedding.

If you need a little bit of inspiration, wedding blog Bridal Musings has created their own playlists on Spotify which is bound to inspire you and give you ideas! Check it out by clicking here.


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