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Picking a suit: for grooms

When it comes to wedding outfits, most of the attention always goes out to the bride, but let’s not forget about the grooms!
A great fitting and looking suit is such an important thing for a groom.

So would be good things to keep in mind when shopping for a suit for the wedding day?

Don’t forget to be you: pick something that feels like you and that you feel comfortable in.
Classic colours are always a good idea: black, navy, tan or gray. They’re classic and never go out of style!
White shirts are always a good idea: they are also classic, they never go out of style and match any colour suit.
Pick the material based on the season you’re getting married in: is that in wintertime? Go for wool. Is it Summer? How about a nice linen suit?
Don’t forget the “accessories”: a pocket square, a tie or bow tie, a belt, shoes and cufflinks.
And when wearing the suit, remember the bottom button rule: if wearing a two or three button suit, the bottom button is always left undone :)

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Looking for a custom made suit or something tailored to fit perfectly? Our favorite vendors for suits are Gallery Tailors and Rietbergh :)

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