On new adventures….

Gosh, life can be crazy, can’t it? In good ways and bad ways.
When my life got turned upside down a while ago, I decided to take those lemons that were handed to me and turn them into lemonade. With a shot of Tequila.

I decided to follow on dreams I’d had for years. The biggest one being to be able to work as a photographer in the United States and to live in Arizona.
I filed a petition for an O visa (the “artist” visa, based fully on my skills as a photographer) and a few weeks ago got the amazing news that my petition was approved. I’m officially allowed to work as a photographer in The States!
I’m thrilled, over the moon but also scared to death.

Because it means starting from scratch. With everything but especially my business.
I have a great network in Holland, have an established business name. Here in Tucson, I’m literally starting over. I’m completely new to the wedding industry here.
And that is overwhelming and scary. But I also know that this is an amazing opportunity. One that I shouldn’t take lightly and I don’t.

While it’s hard, I’m going for it. Here’s to life handing you lemons and making sweet lemonade out of it. With a shot of Tequila. Obviously.

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."