On mentoring one:one: for photographers

Recently, I had the huge pleasure of mentoring the lovely Mareike Murray who traveled all the way from Germany for a two day session with me.
I brought her with me to a shoot and we chatted tons about business, marketing, branding and portfolio.
I always love doing these sessions and seeing lightbulb moments happening right in front of me.

Workshops are great, but a one:one session is tailored to your specific needs and I feel that adds so much value to doing such a session.
Many photographers are unaware of the option of doing such a session and have no idea what it entails.
A mentor session is, like I mentioned, tailored to your needs. How I work, is I will send you a q&a form beforehand to get the info I need on what it is are looking to work on and need help with. I will go through your website, blog and Instagram to get an idea of your work and also to do a portfolio review, should you wish to do one.
During the session we will tackle the subjects that you mentioned on your q&a form.
So these sessions are all about you! You can ask anything and I will help you where I can.

I received this wonderful testimonial from Mareike after our two days together:

“I absolutely loved my one:one mentoring session with Anouschka. Although it’s hard to say which part of it was most useful – because there was so much I took away from the session, and she was so generous with her time – I do think that it has to do with her no-nonsense approach when sharing her insight and wisdom. She is able to see and put into words what could be hindering your development. As an astute business women, she will give you the insight into building a profitable business. She sat me down and reviewed my work. This could potentially be rather awkward, but I really enjoyed this part, as I felt she was really invested in my development as an artist. And instead of ambitious plans which can never turn into reality, I went away with a lot of practical and direct advice to elevate my business. I am so grateful for the whole experience and can only highly recommend her to other photographers who want to evolve their business.”

If you’re also interested in doing a session, I offer one hour, two hour and full day sessions either via Skype or in our studio, click here for more info.



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