Heirloom jewelry on your wedding day: for brides

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I’m sure you are familiar with this rhyme and while the something new is always easy (dress, shoes, undergarments) the something old might be something you’re still pondering about.


Personally I adore heirloom jewelry and brides using it on their wedding day. From rings handed down from your grandmother to a handstitched handkerchief (which is not jewelry, but still a pretty special heirloom piece to use!) that your mother or grandmother made.
A lot of our brides choose to incorporate these pieces in their wedding day and I always love hearing the stories behind it. Like the ring one of our brides received a few days before her wedding from her dad who had to promise her grandma on her deathbed that he would hand that ring to her granddaughter to wear on her wedding day. Or the brooch one of our brides wore that had been handed down for 4 generations and worn by each one on their wedding day. Or the wedding rings from one of our couples that had been made from the metals from their grandparents wedding rings that they had melted to be able to incorporate them into their rings. They are all such incredibly special stories.

wedding_chateau_de_Mairy_France_0432If you don’t have heirloom pieces in your family, remember that the pieces you are picking for your wedding can become heirloom pieces for the next generation in your family. That beautiful bracelet your husband gifted you for the wedding day for instance.
It will be such an amazing part of your legacy.


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