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Ocho: equine

I’ve always adored horses and I love riding. Years and years ago I had a very special bond with a Friesian horse whom I utterly adored. While I’ve loved lots of horses since, that bond had never been equaled. Until I met Ocho in February. I don’t think I’ve ever bonded with a horse this quickly or this intensely. I utterly adore him.
Ocho is a Mustang who was captured during a BLM roundup and was fortunate enough to go through a Mustang Makeover Challenge which led to his adoption by the White Stallion Ranch. Many a Mustang who’s captured in the roundups isn’t this lucky and I’m so grateful that Ocho ended up where he did.

Ocho and I bonded over grooming, I’d never ridden him before but our bond grew, just over grooming. About a week later, on my birthday, I had the chance to ride him for the first time. I haven’t looked back since, oh my, this guy is simply amazing and I couldn’t adore him more.
He’s been my friend, my therapist, my buddy over the past two months and even though I’m now back in Holland while he’s still in Arizona, I still think of him all the time and am counting down the days till I can go see him again.

The bond between a human and a horse is so incredibly special, experiencing this again has given me the push to start doing equine photography. It’s a bond that should be treasured and capturing it on photo just makes my heart so very happy.

Meet Ocho, the love of my life <3 Oh, and that darling Chestnut next to him? That’s Ringo, his best bud. Their friendship is beyond cute, see one, you’ll see the other. Always. It melts my heart.

"Ever thine, 
ever mine, 
ever ours"