Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle

Last week was a “tick item of the bucket list” week. I had been wanting to attend an Extreme Mustang Makeover for a while and last week I got to attend the Ft Worth edition!

On Friday night, the Mustang Heritage Foundation had organised the “Mustang Magic Celebrity Freestyle”, showcasing 8 exceptional trainers.
One of my favourite trainers, Mustang Maddy, was here to compete too and I absolutely LOVED seeing her work her magic “live”. I got to say hi to her after the event and she really is the sweetest and nicest person!

The event was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the next edition!

Here are a few images I took during this event of Wylene Davis, Marsha Sapp, Nate Eicher, Dan James, Ginger Duke, Madison Shambaugh, Bobby Kerr and Katie Ketterhagen.

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."