Mustang horse heaven

Last week I had the huge pleasure of attending a TIP challenge event in Texas. The TIP challenges were created to make adopting Mustangs a bit easier for the public since you then adopt a horse that has had 82 days of training already and that means they are halter broke, can load in trailers and most will have had a saddle on too. They still have a lot of training ahead of them, but this way, they have a fantastic start! The trainers get just 82 days with a horse that has been untouched until they get them. They work with them and then show them during the challenge event. After the event, the horses can then be adopted unless the trainer decides to keep the horse themselves.

It was Mustang horse heaven and talking to the trainers was a delight. They are so dedicated and passionate about what they do and Mustangs in general. Bonding with a Mustang horse is unlike anything else. It really is. They are so special and I came very close to adopting one. One day, I absolutely will… #lifegoals for sure!

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."