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Minimergency bag: for brides

What do you need to bring with you on your wedding day?
You probably don’t want to carry around a huge handbag with tons of stuff but there are a few essentials you’ll be glad to have with you on your day.

There are really great “ready to go” ones out there like this one from Pinch Provisions (they also have kits for bridesmaids and for the groom!) but you can of course gather some things yourself too.
What to include?
Deodorant, aspirin, tissues, bobby pins, needle and thread, band-aids (special ones for blisters and regular ones), a tiny pair of scissors, gum or breath mints, hairspray, lipgloss (even if you never use anything, bring some lip balm with you), stain remover, toothbrush and toothpaste (believe me, you’ll love being able to brush your teeth after dinner before you hit the dance floor), if you’re wearing stockings: bring an extra pair, some safety pins, an emery board, towelettes and earring backs (if you’re wearing earrings that need them..).

You may not need everything you bring with you, but my motto is always: better safe than sorry!


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