Workshops are always wonderful to attend. You get to learn things, be inspired and meet other like-minded people. But sometimes you have specific questions, something that might not get answered in a workshop or you don't feel comfortable talking about with a group of people around you. 

Enter the one:one sessions either via Skype or in person in our studio. Sessions can be in either Dutch or English and they can be focused on the following:
A portfolio and website review & branding advice
How to pose couples naturally
How to start shooting film and incorporate it into your business
How to get published, client care, workflow or anything you're struggling with. 
I very strongly believe it's very important to find your own editing style, so that is the one thing I don't delve deeply into during one:one sessions :)

We offer 1 hour, 2 hour and full day sessions, all of which include a 10 minute follow up call on Skype a few weeks after the session so you have the opportunity to ask additional questions that might pop into your head after the session is finished. 
 1 hour sessions are 200 EURO 
2 hour sessions are 350 EURO
 Full day sessions are 800 EURO 
Prices are exclusive of 21% Dutch VAT
I look forward to connecting with you and helping you grow your business and art to the next level! 



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