Workshops are always great to attend. You learn lots of new things, meet new people, find new inspiration. But, workshops tend to be pretty general. You may have your ducks in a row when it comes to marketing, but might be struggling when it comes to posing your clients for instance or figuring out how to get your work published.
That's where our 0ne:one sessions come in!
These sessions are catered to YOU and YOUR business!

I will send you a form beforehand to see where it is you are at with your business and where you want to be heading and what areas you need help with. During the session our focus will be on the areas you would like help with. We can do a website and portfolio review too during these sessions. 

The one:one sessions can be done via Skype or in our studio in Boskoop, The Netherlands.
We offer 1, 2 and 4 hour sessions.


One hour session: 199 euros ex VAT
Two hour session: 350 euros ex VAT
Four hour session: 550 ex VAT



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