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London: travel

What are the odds of getting stuck in London when you’re en route to the US? They’re pretty slim… And what are the odds of getting stuck in London twice on the same journey? Yeah, pretty much zero but there you go, life is magical like that! I got stuck in London on the way to the US and on the way back home last month due to weather conditions in Amsterdam.

I met such lovely people both on the way out and on the way back home and I love how life can happen like that.
When I got stuck in London for the second time and had plenty of time to spare since instead of Sunday afternoon, I wouldn’t fly back home till Tuesday morning, I decided to head into London since I hadn’t been in years. I met a new friend and she had never been to London so we took the tube and headed out into cold and rainy London, fully decorated for Christmas.
While this wasn’t on the cards when I left for this trip, I see it as a lovely gift that was given me and enjoyed spending time in lovely London again!

"Ever thine, 
ever mine, 
ever ours"