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Jamie: equine

This girl has taught me so much over the last few months. If you are looking for an ah-mazing Western instructor, look no further, you have found her! Meet Jamie Verkerk, my riding instructor. I was lucky enough to document her with Whiz, Nero (whom I adore!) and Bud.
Whiz wasn’t really thrilled about doing a shoot, Nero however, thought it was the best and he stole the show. I adore Nero so much. He might be 21, but that boy is so cheeky but in the sweetest, most endearing way. He’ll make me work hard when I’m riding him but he’s just so funny and cute too. Also, he loves snuggling, so how could you resist this boy?

Here are a few of my favorites of our shoot!

This photo below is hands down my favorite from the shoot. You see, Nero had just pushed Jamie into the grass, sneezed all over her face and then looked at her like this. I think he was quite proud of his achievements and we almost died laughing. Such a clown this boy <3


"Ever thine, 
ever mine, 
ever ours"