Introducing: private editing: for photographers

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of editing you have to do after each session and/or wedding?  
Being a full time wedding & dog photographer myself, I know all about the time spend behind the computer.
To create a better life-work balance, I have decided to take on a few weddings less from now on and be home more often on the weekends.
Which means I have time available to help you out with all this editing!

As a private editor, I will develop a one:one relationship with you when it comes to your editing. I will edit your images just like you would edit them, using any presets you may use. It’s not a one time thing, so I will only take on a handful of photographers this year to edit for. Why choose a private editor and not a big company? With me, you know that I will be the one editing your images. I will invest time in getting to know your work and your editing style.

So how does this thing work?
After the wedding, you cull your images and send me the Lightroom Smart previews through our shared Dropbox folder that I will set up for you.
I will edit your images for you and you will receive them back in 5-7 business days. It’s as easy as that!

I’m at my best when I can edit images in a light and airy style. Since I’m a film and digital shooter, I can also edit film scans for you.
Are you interested in working together? Send me a message through the contact page and we will set up a Skype date to chat!

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