"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."
karl lagerfeld


I absolutely loved my one:one mentoring session with Anouschka.
Although it’s hard to say which part of it was most useful - because there was so much I took away from the session, and she was so generous with her time - I do think that it has to do with her no-nonsense approach when sharing her insight and wisdom.
She is able to see and put into words what could be hindering your development.

As an astute business women, she will give you the insight into building a profitable business. She sat me down and reviewed my work. This could potentially be rather awkward, but I really enjoyed this part, as I felt she was really invested in my development as an artist. And instead of ambitious plans which can never turn into reality, I went away with a lot of practical and direct advice to elevate my business.

I am so grateful for the whole experience and can only highly recommend her to other photographers who want to evolve their business. 


The Reviews

"I felt she was really invested in my development as an artist"

“When I attended Anouschka’s wedding photography workshop a new world opened for me.
Can wedding photography be done in this way? And what an amazing profession it is to be a wedding photographer!
Anouschka talks about all the aspects of being a wedding photographer. How do they work, from initial email contact to delivering the final products.
We had a full afternoon of shooting with a real couple and were able to practice with the guidance of Anouschka’s tips and tricks.
Business and marketing was also discussed. Accompanied with delicious coffee and sweets and this way a very safe environment is created.
You can ask Anouschka and Raymond anything about their business. At that point in time I honestly didn’t realise what being an entrepreneur really means. Because photography is amazing but what really helps your business grow is learning about the business and marketing side of things as well.
That part of the workshop helped me so much in the next 1,5 years that followed. I’ve grown as a photographer and as a business owner.
For me, this workshop was honestly life changing and I’m so glad I attended.
Thank you Anouschka for all your information, tips and tricks.”

moniek van gils

The Reviews

"For me, this workshop was honestly life changing and I'm so glad I attended"

“The workshop really has been one of the best investments I’ve made up till now. Ray and Anouschka are an amazing team and this also shows during this workshop. Everything I wanted to know about wedding photography was talked about and Ray and Anouschka happily answer any question you might have.

The styling and the couple made this an unforgettable day and these aspects combined made it a great opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade even more.

Even after the workshop Ray and Anouschka are still available to answer your questions and help you on your way with any issues you might bump into.

This workshop is very highly recommended!”

tirza, selah photography

The Reviews

"the workshop has been one of the best investments I've made up till now"

A workshop that’s wonderfully set up!

Anouschka and Ray have given us so much practical and useful information in just 1 day that’s useful for any photographer to continue to grow to the next level, whether you’re just starting out are have been in business longer. The styled shoot with a wonderful bride and groom and gorgeous styling with amazing vendors ensure that at the end of the day you will also return home with a memory card filled with stunning photos.

After the workshop Anouschka & Ray still give you plenty of useful advice and happily answer any questions you might still have.

If I could only use one word for this day: Superb!

Thank you so much for this fun, inspiring and educational workshop !

sylvie & patrick, ox fotografie

The Reviews

"If I could use one word for this day: superb!"

Thank you again So So much for this amazing opportunity, for all the organisation.
 For staying up with me at night to review my portfolio (totally cleaning this in my website update). For all the ENCOURAGEMENT, especially during the shoots. I loved that you corrected and encouraged during the shoot. It meant a LOT.

 It is not everyday (read:never) to meet a photographer of this caliber and with a VISION. I cannot even imagine the bravery and vision you must have to start an entire wedding congress! :)
 I really enjoyed every minute, and LEARNED so much. It was a very very humbling experience. Thank You.  

Hope we meet again sometime.
Lots of love and best wishes,

lily chen

The Reviews

"I really enjoyed every minute and learned so much"