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Guestblog bride-to-be Natasha: for brides

Hello lovely brides-to-be and readers,

I will very soon only need one hand to count the number of days until our wedding in Italy. How excited are we? Ridiculously so.

Amidst all of the wedding fluster and last minute ideas that we must absolutely have, I really wanted to write one blog before we leave for Italy this week. I also wanted to have a few more words as Pippa Middleton’s wedding takes center stage.

There has been a scurry of activity in the last few weeks since my last blog post. With big smiles we are working through all of the requests coming from Italy – thank you work experience that makes this somewhat easier and a little less stressful.

It’s All In The Details

How true it is that the magic is in the details. We’ve been having a lot of fun planning and preparing and adding our personalities and special twists that will make this really our wedding. Here is the order of the weekend:

  • Friday May 26th – 19.00 until 23.00: welcome drinks and dinner for the guests at La Corte dei Pandolfi in Lecce center.
  • Saturday May 27th – 16.00 until late: wedding ceremony and marriage celebration at Masseria Trapanà
  • Sunday May 28th – 13.00 – 21.00: the Lauer-Pizza-Picnic-Pool-Party at Masseria Trapanà

We have 39 guests flying in from the continents of North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. I am always so moved when I think about having everyone together, in this tiny town in the (almost) most southerly point of Italy. How lucky are we? Ridiculously so.

We have planned an experience for our dear guests. I am really excited to see all of the detail and ideas come to life but I will have to wait until after the wedding to share these with you. We have added elements that are fun and make the wedding special for our guests. To give you a taster, have a look at the ‘Lauer’s Luxe Lecce’ guide that we made and sent with the wedding invitations.

Bridal Preparations

Pippa (Middleton) apparently attended bridal bootcamp in preparation for her big day. Guess what? I haven’t but I have been exercising because let’s face it, that’s a brides’ prerogative. I’ve been doing two things I love: strength training and hot vinyasa yoga. Whilst I wouldn’t say no to a little more definition of the deltoid, infraspinatus fascia and teres minor and major (yes I did Google those), I am happy with where I am and my dress fits and my corset takes care of a lot (praise be to Edwin). I have taken my face for a little miracle work at Red Carpet Queen ( and prepped my eyes and eyelashes at Déjà Vu ( My hair has been extended and fingers and toes will be painted in the right shade of bridal white.

This Is Your Couturier Calling

I have been for my follow up dress sessions where the detail, yes the detail, was added. My final fitting before the corset was ‘sealed’ went really well. I was so excited and I am beyond pleased with the final result…Edwin too by the way – there was a lot of jumping up and down and clapping. It is a beautiful dress and my definition of amazing. As Maggy said, “Edwin captured a piece of you in the dress and to be able to do that is very special”. I cannot wait to share it with you all. It is now hanging at home waiting to fly to Italy.

The Groom

You’ll be pleased to know that Stef is also ready to rock and roll. He has been getting wedding fit at UPFitness with my previous great personal trainer Sander Beenders and team ( His tuxedo was custom made at New Tailor and picked up on Saturday. I actually have not seen it as he has imposed a “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours” rule. I shan’t let it bother me, much J Fortunately he has implicitly good taste and so I do not need to worry that it won’t look fabulous.

The Wedding Party

The maids of honour (Emma and Katie) and bridesmaid (Julie) are ready. Their skirts turned out beautifully and fit perfectly. They were made in Sri Lanka by my dear friend Annika Fernando’s own label Maus ( I have known Annika since I was 7 and so being able to have her involved in the wedding is very special. Each top was made individually for the girls. We trialled makeup with Joeri at Red Carpet Queen and have a look that will suit each of us. The groomsmen (Jeroen and Jan) have everything under control – that is as much information as we have but I am sure they will look dashing. Freya (flowergirl) and Oliver (page boy) have outfits that I think all the grown-ups will envy; I know that I have my eye on Freya’s dress which has been ‘Edwind’!

Hens, Stags, Vrijgezelligheid

Stef’s merry band of bachelors surprised him a week ago with his stag/bachelor/vrijgezelligheid party. The bachelors did an outstanding job; it was a party that I would have gladly joined, had I been invited! As Stef loves playing drums the boys planned a drum session with Cesar Zuiderwijk, the most famous Dutch drummer, in the tallest building in Amsterdam. This was followed by a canal cruise with dinner, cocktails and dancing. Really quite tame…I see many stag-beens wondering why this motley crew cannot have been their organizers! I am still in suspense as to what will unfold for me. My party will take place in Italy just before the wedding. There have been messages about paint balling, no alcohol, mud and early mornings. They don’t scare me but I am thinking through any payback that these girls might have…

Our Vendors

We’ve got quite the team; it is brilliant. In April we did a 5 day trip to Lecce and met Rossana, our wedding planner, and some of the key vendors. Now that wedding is in arms reach, the vendors had focus and attention for our amazing weekend and it was really fun to discuss, share and confirm all the requirements. Allow me to introduce you:

Let The Good Times Roll

And so that’s everything that I can share with you for now. Whilst I cannot promise how often and what I will be able to post on the actual day, I will send something through the internet. It will most likely be on Instagram with our hashtag #itstartedwithaprint.

I will be back after the wedding with a blog galore. We are in Italy for a week after the wedding and so you will have to wait a little.

Thank you all for your blog support and love. I cannot believe it is finally time.

I’m getting married. This month, this week.

Inner happy jiggle move and hands up in the air,

Natasha x



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ever mine, 
ever ours"