October 7, 2018

Guest blog Loyes Diamonds: wedding invitations 101: for brides

A wedding day is one of the most momentous occasions of one’s life.  

It’s when you celebrate partnering up with the one person that you wish to spend the rest of your life with and you wish to show all your loved ones how much it means to you. The whole celebration truly begins when the invites are sent out – that’s because it’s the moment when everyone receives confirmation of the date and location of your big day; it’s when they can begin to make plans and for the couple, it’s when the countdown starts on your to-do list. It’s so important to get your wedding invites right the first time; you don’t want errors about the time, date or location so be sure to be careful on this. It’s also nice to research people’s names and spellings so do take the time to do that as these little steps all matter to many people.

This infographic from Loyes Diamonds covers the whole topic of wedding invites and how to do the best job on them and make them a memorable part of your wedding celebration. Understand how you should word your invites and lots more. Check it out below!

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