September 17, 2018

Guest blog: How to add creativity to traditional wedding gowns: for brides

A lovely and informative guest blog by Lesly of The Best Wedding Images are not mine! They were provided by Lesly and are stock images to accompany this article.

Do you think that a traditional wedding gown is too simple for you? Seeking for the ways to make it more creative and interesting? We definitely support you in this decision. Though the choice of the wedding gowns is incredibly large, the majority of brides opt for more traditional variants. However, sometimes, we see that something is missing. And it’s the right time to turn on all your creativity.

We will be happy to assist you in creating a unique and non-traditional wedding gown. Here are 5 easiest ways to add some charm to your dress without spending much money.


Colorful wedding dresses are very popular today. However, when you have already bought a white/ivory dress, there is no need to seek for non-traditional wedding gowns of unusual colors and spend extra money for that. You can add some bright accents to a traditional gown. 

For example, one of the easiest ways is to have a belt of another color. It can be bright like red or blue as well as more pastel like blush or light mint. If you have a corset dress, the lacing can be made with the help of a ribbon of a contrasting color. Also, you may add color to your bridal look by wearing bright shoes and having colorful accessories. 



Wedding capes and capelets look very unusual and creative. They will make even the simplest dress look much more interesting. Lace and beaded capes look very cool and will add a bit of luxury to any bridal gown. Or, the cape material may coincide with the one on your dress. Of course, capes can hardly be used with traditional wedding dresses with sleeves.
Besides capes, you are free to have some other wraps. Thus, a lace bolero can be combined with a strapless or spaghetti straps wedding dress. Or, you can have a lace shawl, which will look good with various dress types.
Beautiful Belt

You may know that a beautiful belt can make every outfit look more interesting. However, it can also do wonders to traditional wedding dresses. The most popular option is a belt, adorned with crystals or beading. But other variants are also possible.

For example, you can have a simple belt made of satin or use a ribbon instead of it. Or, some metal belts can be used if they look organic with the gown.


If you want to add some romantic spirit to traditional bridal gowns, consider adding bows. Bows are one of the major trends for the next season and so, you may look both trendy and beautiful. It can be a small bow in the front of a dress as well as on the back. Also, it can be a big bow, located on the back.

Another idea is to use a satin ribbon either of the same color with the dress or of contrasting one. You can adorn the waistline and tie it at the back, making the bow. 


Though a veil is a traditional bridal accessory, many modern brides refuse to wear it. However, a beautiful veil can make traditional gowns for wedding looking more interesting. Thus, the one with lace either short or long will look great and luxurious. Also, you can opt for a veil with beading or sequins.

In addition, you may complement your look by some headpieces, which can be used along with a veil as well as separately. There are many beautiful tiaras, vines, hairpins and combs for sale, which will be able to complement your dress.

So, these ways are the easiest ones for adding some chic to traditional wedding gowns. They don’t demand much time and money investments. And, it’s great that every girl can easily cope with all these variants. Besides being applied separately, you are free to combine some ideas as well.   



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