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Favourite make-up products from The Body Shop: for brides

One of my favourite brands for make-up and body & skin care is The Body Shop.
I love their philosophy and the fact that their products are cruelty free, mostly vegan and have natural ingredients rather than chemical stuff that just isn’t good for you.  

So I’ve been switching a lot of products to Body Shop items and thought I’d share a few of my favourite make-up products for brides-to-be who are doing their own make-up on their wedding day or are wanting to do a few touch ups during the wedding day themselves :)

First up: the Fresh Nude Foundation. I love this product! It doesn’t feel cakey or dry at all. It really does feel fresh during the day and they have lighter shades too, which I love since I have very light coloured skin myself.

The Brush on Sunlight pearls. They give a gorgeous glow to your skin. Stunning for the Summer!

The all in one cheek colour blusher is a favourite too. Amazing shades and very easy to apply without feeling like it’s too much.

I love their eyeshadows too. The single shades are amazing, but I also love this quad:

The liquid eyeliner is amazing too. Supereasy to apply and stays put all day!

The super volume mascara really gives amazing volume and stays put too!

Their lipsticks are wonderful too. I prefer lipgloss myself to lipstick but these are very moist.

This is not a make-up product, but it’s a product I do need to share for brides: the peppermint cooling foot spray. Your feet will love you for using this on your wedding day!


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