Are you looking at the top blogs like Style me Pretty and Magnolia Rouge and wishing you’d be featured on there?

Are you struggling with creating a strong submission?

Are you unsure of what images and info to include when submitting a shoot?

Do you want to get your work in front of your target bride and the wedding industry?

Are you doubting whether to submit a wedding to a magazine or to a blog?

Do you get to a shoot, knowing you want to get this published, but don’t know what exactly to shoot that’s needed for a submission?

This 31 page e-guide can help you with all of this and more. 
In 5 chapters I will be breaking down the following:

– why you should get your work published
– what the pro’s and cons are for features in print and online
– how to create a strong submission (and what images to include with examples)
– how to shoot with publication in mind – what to do after your work has been featured
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how to get published


“Fantastic guide with everything you need to know about being published – the why, where, how and the complete step by step process. 
Detailed, comprehensive, descriptive and with plenty of photography examples and industry secrets too. 
A must read for every photographer who want’s to get featured!”

Tereza Lee

“How To Get Your Shoot Published is a wonderful guide filled with heartfelt and honest information. If you’re starting your career in wedding photography this is a must read resource for your business and Anouschka’s years worth of knowledge, experience and expertise will save you months, perhaps years of finding it out for yourself. If you are already a professional but don’t seem to be able to get the publicity or features that you really want – this guide will help you to get there! Anouschka has been published in so many of the most coveted and desirable blogs and magazines – from Harper’s Bazaar to Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow and Style Me Pretty!”

Catharine . Catharine Noble Photography & The European Wedding Guide 

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