Essential oils, I've always found them fascinating. Up until last Summer I didn't really use them though, until I was introduced to doTERRA oils. And I was officially hooked. 
I absolutely adore these gems and they have been so amazing to use in every day life!

I use them in cleaning products, in my diffusers to enhance my mood or calm me down, in my water (hello Lemon oil!), in skincare products and also as health remedies too.

The reason I chose doTERRA is because of their outstanding quality and what they stand for with their Healing Hands Foundation and how they source their oils.
Yes, there are a lot of other options out there, cheaper ones at the local chemist but honestly, you can tell the difference in whether they benefit you or not. 

There's an oil for pretty much everything and they've changed up a lot in our household!


essential oils