Do you need to make shot lists: for brides

You’ve booked your photographer, you’ve been browsing wedding blogs and Pinterest looking at gorgeous photos and then read in a magazine that you should make a shot list for your photographer. Which means you create a list of all the photos you want captured at your wedding day and give this to your photographer to walk around with all day, checking off everything you’ve listed. From photos of your dress, to your dad walking you down the aisle, to photos of the first kiss and more…

To be honest, I don’t know why a lot of magazines still recommend doing this, because when you’ve hired a professional photographer, you really don’t need to.
Because for us as professionals, taking these photos is second nature. It’s not our first rodeo, we know the images brides want to have, we know the images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

And you know what the biggest downside is of working with a shot list? It distracts your photographer from what’s happening in front of them. Because when they are checking the list to see if they have everything you’ve requested, they might just miss that beautiful moment of you and grandma embracing in a warm hug.

The only part of the day I always highly recommend creating a shot list for, is for any family/group photos. Create a list of every group of people you want to have a quick formal photo with. Because in the busyness of your wedding day, you may just forget a few people and that is always such a shame. Inform your photographer if you are using heirloom pieces for instance, that are tiny, but are very important to you.

So if you’ve booked a professional, with lots of experience shooting weddings, then trust them. Trust them to document every beautiful moment and detail of your day without having to look at a list. It’ll save you a ton of time creating a list with images they will capture for sure and give your photographer the freedom to create the art you hired them for :-)

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