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Deworming your dog, with chemicals only? : for dog parents

Our vet told us this since like forever: deworm your dog at least 2-4 times a year. Just as a precaution.
Great, let’s do that, if the vet recommends it, it’s probably the only way, right?
Well, no, as it turns out.

When we visited an acupuncturist/holistic vet for Indy a few years back, she recommended having the dogs tested rather than using chemicals straight away.
I had no idea this was even an option!
So every few months, instead of giving chemicals right away, we order a test kit and send in a bit of stool to have it tested.
It’s been clear every single time, meaning the dogs didn’t need the chemicals at all.
It’s a bit more expensive than just giving them the deworming tablets but I prefer this as it keeps unnecessary chemicals away from them and that’s always a good thing!

For Dutch readers, you can order the test kits here.



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