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Creating the perfect vendor team: for brides

When you start planning your wedding, it can be overwhelming. You need so many vendors and so much has to be arranged and planned.
But especially all those vendors. How do you find them? How do you know which one to pick in a sea of companies keen to work with you?

First of all: do your online research. Look at wedding blogs and see which names you see popping up with weddings whose style you adore and matches yours perfectly.
Then check out their websites and see if there are any independent online reviews available for them.

A matching of style is incredibly important. Every vendor will have their own style and so will you. You will have envisioned what you want your day to look like. What style you want to go for. So that is a huge factor when picking a vendor.
Another huge factor is a personality match. Some vendors you will have to be working closely with leading up to the wedding and/or on the day itself. You need to trust someone, like someone and feel comfortable with them. So meet with them, either in person if possible or via Skype.

When you have found the first vendor you absolutely adore and who ticks all the boxes for you, ask THEM for recommendations for other vendors you need.
Most vendors have a network of wonderful and talented professionals whose style will usually match theirs so this makes searching a LOT easier. Plus, they are recommended by another vendor you trust, which is a great bonus while searching in a sea of wedding professionals.

Another bonus of picking vendors recommended to you by other vendors? They KNOW each other. They know each others personalities, they know how they like to work and what they need to do their jobs properly.
I always LOVE it so much when our brides pick vendors we have recommended to them because those days are the most fun for us vendor wise. Because we get to work with people we know and trust and we get to work as one huge team ensuring this wedding day goes without a hitch!


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