Creating a time capsule: for brides

Heirlooms, heritage, history, all things we absolutely adore. Which is probably why the idea of creating a time capsule speaks to me so much.

Have you ever thought about creating one for you and your hubby to open years down the line?
We’ve had multiple couples creating one and I absolutely adore the idea.

2016-03-24_0002You can write a beautiful love letter for one another and add that to the box with, for instance, a bottle of wine from the year in which you got married. Then seal the box during your wedding ceremony and open it a few years down the line on your anniversary.
How special to then toast with that bottle of wine and read the letters you wrote to each other when you got married…

If you don’t want to create a box and wait multiple years to open it, you can also write multiple letters to be opened on special occasions, like your first anniversary, 5th anniversary, when you’ve had a baby etc.


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