Cowtown Keeylocko: travel

As I’m spending a few months in Arizona this Winter, I’m getting to experience true Western life, which is absolutely amazing.
I love being here and seeing cowboy life come to life!

Last weekend I got to visit and camp at Cowtown Keeylocko. A genuine, Western cowtown where they uses to sell cattle.
It’s been damaged and they are working hard to get everything rebuild and restored before the big memorial for Ed, who created it, this coming March.
A good friend of mine is helping with the rebuild and a few of us decided to join him for the weekend and help out too.
It was back to basics with no running water, no WiFi, no electricity after the generator shut off but we had a great time and going back to basics can be so good for you.
We brought Bash along and his bestie Daisy and these two partners in crime had the very best time out there.

A few photos of this amazing gem near the Mexican border in Arizona.

The quality of this phone image really isn’t the best, but I just had include this one of Daisy and Bash on their bar stools, how cute are they?? <3

"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it."