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Colourthemes: for grooms

So as we are at the end of one year and approaching a new year and a new wedding season most men are finally being included in planning the wedding. Let’s face it, it’s getting closer now the year of your wedding is about to start. ;)

One of the most heard topics with men is how to be included in colors. In my previous article I wrote about how men are entering a world they never imagined ever entering while women have lived there since… birth basically. So everything is new and shiny and with all the choices out there often overwhelming. Most times we joke around a bit to hide our insecurity with comments like “Let’s mix green and purple” or “Pastel as a theme? Now I’m hungry for Italian”.

Guys, it’s time to make things easy without being absent. The easiest way out is “Wow you are so good at this. I love you, can I make you something with Nutella?” but that might not score you points for being a good boyfriend/hubby to be. What will score you points is to know how to include yourself without getting overwhelmed. One of the greatest things we as photographers love to see is a tie, pochet and socks fitting the theme color. Especially if not just you but also your groomsmen have the same color tie and socks. It’s hardly visible to us men but women see all those tiny details (and it looks cool, even when the theme color is bright pink).

Another great helper is to stick to the basics of the year. Every season has it’s basic colors, Spring has green and bright, summer is gold and pastel, fall is brown and red. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with the colors. It’s a day of emotions riding high, so feeling comfortable will help you both enjoy your day that much more.



"Ever thine, 
ever mine, 
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