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Planning your first look: for brides

The very first time you see each other on your wedding day. It’s one of the biggest and most important moments of the day… Do you want the first time to see each other be when you are walking down the aisle? Or do you want it to be more intimate, more personal and do […]


The beauty of golden hour light: for brides

You may have heard me mention it before: golden hour light and how much I adore it. For those who are not familiar with the term: golden hour light is the gorgeous golden light you get on sunny days about an hour to 2 hours before sunset. It’s the most amazing light to photograph in […]


Planning your group photos: for brides

Group and family photos, almost every couple wants these made during their wedding day. Parents and grandparents tend to treasure these images! To ensure this endeavour runs smoothly during the day, make sure you plan it. Schedule time for it (and plenty of time too since this always takes up more time than you think!) […]

So do we really need to do an engagement session? One of the most heard questions from couples during our client meetings. Do you need to? No, you don’t need to BUT I’d highly recommend doing one. If it’s not included in your photographer’s package, it will be an added expense, I get that but […]


Why do an engagement session? : for brides


On new adventures….

Gosh, life can be crazy, can’t it? In good ways and bad ways. When my life got turned upside down a while ago, I decided to take those lemons that were handed to me and turn them into lemonade. With a shot of Tequila. I decided to follow on dreams I’d had for years. The […]

Julia had always said, if she’d every get married again, it’d be on horseback. So that’s exactly what she and Gary did for their elopement. They traveled from the UK to Arizona, they got on a horse and tied the knot in the desert at the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson. Just them, the wranglers […]


Julia & Gary: elopement


Juliette & Stefan in favorite real weddings on The Perfect Wedding

On the last day of the year I received a surprise email from the team of The Perfect Wedding that one of my real weddings was in their list of favorites of 2018! What a lovely surprise! The wedding of Juliette & Stefan was stunning for sure and one of my favorites of the year […]

This wedding was one for the books for sure. Gorgeously styled, international love, a great team to work with, I adored this wedding so much. I’m thrilled to see Jena & Robin featured on Mod Wedding!Click here for the full feature.


Published: Jena & Robin on Mod Wedding

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