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Why do you love film so much?

Why do you love film so much, isn’t digital just as amazing? A question I hear a lot… But yes, I love film. I adore it actually. To me, film is art. A film image can look like a painting to me. Delicate and with lots of depth in the image. Don’t even get me […]


The 4th edition of the European Wedding Congress

For the past few years Ray and I have been hosting the European Wedding Congress, an event for wedding photographers and planners/stylists from around Europe. Last week was the 4th edition and even though we are utterly exhausted now, we are also filled with new energy for the wedding season. It’s always such a treat […]


A 10 year anniversary and a give away! Win a loveshoot or mentorsession!

10 years ago today I walked into the Chamber of Commerce and registered my business.What a ride it has been these past 10 years! So many things achieved that I’m proud of and I’m so thankful I get to do what I love on a daily basis thanks to our amazing clients! These 10 years […]

The blogs for photographers are moving! I love sharing information with other photographers, but, for my brides these posts aren’t really that interesting. Last year I started up a newsletter for photographers and the blogs for photographers will now be moving to the newsletter! I send these out 1-2 a month so I won’t be […]


Photographers blogs will be moving…


Mentoring Holly Becker

Back in November the lovely and very talented Holly Becker, the driving force behind lifestyle & design blog Decor8, contacted me to do a 2 day one:one mentoring session in her hometown Hannover. She wanted to learn more about her camera, about using light, creating interesting compositions and basically, just feel more comfortable with her […]

Earlier this week I mentioned in a blog post that I had done a two day one:one mentoring session with one of my photography heroes Greg Finck. This mention resulted in receiving messages from other photographers asking me how it was and whether it was worth it for them also. So, I decided to do […]


On continuing to grow the business


Delivering digital files: for photographers

Digital files, every client wants to have them. How do you deliver them? Up until a few years ago I burned the images on a disc and shipped it to my clients. However, most new computers don’t even have a disc player anymore. So I changed to a USB drive and a beautiful online gallery […]

Those phonecalls that make you jump for you, that make you cry happy tears…those phonecalls… I received such a phonecall at the end of November when Gerdien of Bruid & Bruidegom magazine called me to tell me I had again received a nomination for the Bruidsfoto & Film Award 2016. It was the only contest […]


Bruidsfoto & Film Award 2016: award nomination

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