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Merry Christmas

My pups love me, at least, that’s what I kept telling myself when I tried taking photos for this blog post… I don’t think they really appreciated me at the time :D You can tell Bash is having fun, right? Right? Errrrmmmm…. Moving the antlers to Keira wasn’t a great success either… So I decided […]


Happy 2nd birthday, Bash!

He turned 2 today. 2 years old. Seriously, how did that happen in the blink of an eye? This bundle of love is the apple of my eye. My best friend, my support system. I adore him more than words could ever express. Happy 2nd birthday, dear Bash, I hope you enjoy your new toys […]


Happy 14th birthday, Keira!

She’s slowing down, her hearing and eyesight are deteriorating a bit, but she still has a ton of fire in her too! Our Keira girl gets to celebrate another birthday today, her 14th to be precise and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Still obsessed with tennis balls, incredibly social towards people and other dogs and […]

I just realized that I hadn’t written a Life with Bash post in ages! Silly me, he’s such a huge part of our lives and deserves his spot on the blog :) This year has been crazy so far. It’s been a rollercoaster for us and Bash has helped to keep me sane and grounded. […]


Life with Bash: the Autumn 2017 edition


Published: Arizona travel on Wanderlust Lane

Travel photos are always so personal to me. They are precious memories but also my personal creative outlet while traveling. I’m so honored that my Arizona photos have been featured on a gorgeous new fine art travel blog: Wanderlust Lane. Give them a follow if you want to see beautiful places around the globe, captured […]

Italy is one of my favorite places. The surroundings, the views, the food, the atmosphere, the olive trees…. Last week we had the huge honor of documenting a wedding at the gorgeous hotel Caruso and I was so thrilled to spend a little bit of time on the Amalfi Coast again. We enjoyed the views, […]


Italy: personal


The thief of joy

I send this text out in our photographer’s newsletter last week and I got such wonderful responses from people feeling the exact same way. So I decided to share this on the blog too :) The thief of joy. Have you met him? He goes by the name Comparison.I know I’ve met him multiple times […]

He’s been with us for over a year now and I couldn’t imagine life without him. He’s such a love and great friend. He’s a scaredy pants though when we’re outside, so we’re working hard on his training to get him over his fears (of which we have no idea how he got them in […]


Life with Bash, the early Spring edition

"In a sea of people, my eyes always search for you"