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New website & blog

My previous website and blog were not old at all. I re-branded last Summer with a new logo and new website + blog. While I liked my site and blog, I didn’t love it. It didn’t feel like me entirely. So I decided it needed to change. Thankfully not during wedding season like I did […]


Picking a suit: for grooms

When it comes to wedding outfits, most of the attention always goes out to the bride, but let’s not forget about the grooms! A great fitting and looking suit is such an important thing for a groom. So would be good things to keep in mind when shopping for a suit for the wedding day? […]


Groomsmen gift ideas: for grooms

Your bride to be may have seen the post last week with gift ideas for bridesmaids, but let’s be honest, the groomsmen are just as important too! So here are a few gift ideas for the guys that I found on Etsy that you might like for the guys. I love these personalized flasks: Or […]

So as we are at the end of one year and approaching a new year and a new wedding season most men are finally being included in planning the wedding. Let’s face it, it’s getting closer now the year of your wedding is about to start. ;) One of the most heard topics with men […]


Colourthemes: for grooms


A guys perspective on planning a wedding: for grooms

A few weeks back I had a chance to talk a bit with a couple of guys at a wedding. It was a very short talk as I was still working but one of the things really stuck with me. When girls talk about getting married or are working on things for their wedding or […]

Since we’ve recently started blogging for brides, we didn’t want our grooms to feel left out! So, Ray will be blogging for grooms starting with this first post about groom prep. Enjoy! A xo Men and women are different. It’s a quote we all know is true, so dear grooms it’s time for a mans […]


What about this groom prep?

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