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Love shoot photos on your wedding favours or wedding invitation: guestblog for brides

The lovely wedding website Internethuwelijk provided me with a lovely guest blog for brides! This one is all about using photos from your engagement session/love shoot on your favours or invitation! Hope you enjoy! Is your wedding coming soon? We have a perfect idea for you to make sure that you will have very original […]


Using monograms in your wedding: for brides

Having a monogram or logo created for your wedding. It’s such a great idea to personalize the wedding even more. More and more companies are offering monogram printing on various items and I’ve gathered a few ideas in case you are looking for some inspiration! First up: your wedding stationery. Very obvious of course but […]


New website & blog

My previous website and blog were not old at all. I re-branded last Summer with a new logo and new website + blog. While I liked my site and blog, I didn’t love it. It didn’t feel like me entirely. So I decided it needed to change. Thankfully not during wedding season like I did […]

After a pause with guest blogging due to moving house and having a baby, she’s back! Bride-to-be Natasha is sharing her experience on finding THE gown! Hope you enjoy! Hello lovely brides-to-be and readers, I’m back and back with a-wedding-vengence because it’s finally here, the year that we are getting married. How excited am I? […]


Guestblog bride-to-be Natasha: on the hunt for THE gown! : for brides


Do you need to make shot lists: for brides

You’ve booked your photographer, you’ve been browsing wedding blogs and Pinterest looking at gorgeous photos and then read in a magazine that you should make a shot list for your photographer. Which means you create a list of all the photos you want captured at your wedding day and give this to your photographer to […]

What do you need to bring with you on your wedding day? You probably don’t want to carry around a huge handbag with tons of stuff but there are a few essentials you’ll be glad to have with you on your day. There are really great “ready to go” ones out there like this one […]


Minimergency bag: for brides


Christmas dining inspiration: for brides

I’ve added the “for brides” text to the subject but really, this post is for anyone looking for some inspiration to style their dining table for Christmas :D I love Christmas, love, love, love it! Our tree has been up for almost a week! I did decide to do a smaller tree this year since […]

Have you picked out your wedding ring yet? Have you thought about how you’re going to have it presented during your ceremony? Ring pillows are the most common item to pick for this but there are so many cute alternatives that you can even use after the wedding day! I’ve browsed around and found a […]


Ringpillow alternatives: for brides

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