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Arizona: travel

My favourite place in the world: Arizona. I have so much love for this state. Last June I was reunited with some of my favourite people in the world and my favourite boy in the world: Ocho the Mustang. Ocho changed my life and I adore him so very much. This place is so special […]


Barrel racing: equine

Every week at White Stallion Ranch there’s a rodeo demonstration (note: animals are in NO way harmed in this rodeo!) and during this demo they also showcase barrel racing. Only women are allowed to barrel race, so here’s to girl power and some amazing ladies at White Stallion who rock at this!


Samantha & Bram: equine

Hair envy, because honestly, isn’t Bram’s hair amazing? He is 25 and absolutely adorable! His stables are located amongst the lush green fields, so it was a ton of fun to take him out and photograph him with Samantha. It was very warm during our shoot but he was a trooper and did so well! […]

Photographing people with their favorite horses just makes my heart so happy. When the person in question is one of my favourite people and I get to photograph in the most glorious light, it makes my heart even happier <3 Meet Zoë and her two faves, Pisco and Vienna. Photographing amongst the herd is challenging […]


Zoë: equine


Call of Nature: equine business shoot

My friend Sandra runs an amazing business called Call of Nature in which she treats animals holistically. She uses Healing Touch, Accupressure, Essential Oils and much more to treat animals and get them balanced again. She worked miracles on one of my pups recently when she got very sick all of a sudden and I […]

This is quite possibly the most personal blog I’ve ever written and to be honest, I’ve been very much on the fence about writing it. Because all you keep hearing from marketing experts is to be personal but, that’s not always easy. Especially when life takes unexpected turns in a not so fabulous direction. How […]


How dogs & horses saved my life


Annabelle: equine

Another equine shoot! Horses are so amazing and I have so much love for them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the love between a person and their favorite horse. It means everything to me. Here’s Annabelle in sunny Arizona with some of her favorite horses at the White Stallion Ranch <3

It’s my happy place, the White Stallion Ranch in Arizona. I simply love it here. The horses, the food, the people, the weather, everything is simply amazing. Photographing here is the best. It’s beautiful, the light is amazing and the horses are divine. So much hard work, dedication and passion goes into running this place. […]


White Stallion Ranch: equine

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