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Christina & Bravo

She’s a wrangler at White Stallion Ranch, he’s her favourite horse in the world. Meet Christina and Bravo, the Clydesdale who she actually barrel races with! Her dream was to take photos with him and the US flag, so we decided to make that happen! With a Clydesdale, boots, flag and a gun, it doesn’t […]



Fay is one of the sweetest people I know. She’s Dutch, like me, and during her stay at White Stallion Ranch she wanted to have some photos taken with the horses to remember her stay. The light was magical, the horses were hilarious (one of them opted to carry my bag for me, another decided […]


Ride your Life clinic

Jerry is a fantastic life coach who also hosts the Ride your Life clinic. He asked me to photograph the various events during the week long clinic and that was so much fun to do. From classroom activities to trail rides, cattle sorting, team penning and obstacle courses, here are a few of my favourite […]

Working with cattle, it doesn’t get more Western than that. Working with cattle is a ton of fun from horseback and I love the new activity at White Stallion Ranch called cattle sorting. It’s so much fun to do! If you’re planning a visit to the Ranch or any Ranch that offers this, definitely sign […]


Cattle sorting


Natural Horsemanship Class

Natural horsemanship is very popular here in Arizona and I loved photographing a natural horsemanship class for Gabriel Arteaga. He shows how to use your energy to connect with your horse and how to get them to join up to you so they will follow you around without being on a leadrope or anything. You […]

Gosh, life can be crazy, can’t it? In good ways and bad ways. When my life got turned upside down a while ago, I decided to take those lemons that were handed to me and turn them into lemonade. With a shot of Tequila. I decided to follow on dreams I’d had for years. The […]


On new adventures….


Shanaya & Jon

Shanaya and Jon are the cutest couple. They are such kind, nice people and their love makes you believe in true love and happy endings. It was such a delight to photograph them with darling puppy Roxy and gorgeous Jetta & Snip. Shanaya is a wrangler at White Stallion Ranch, where we did the shoot, […]

Meet Clyde, he is the size of a mammoth with the kindest heart. He’s still growing and is already so huge!He’s in training right now and it’s so much fun to see him grow in his abilities! He gets called baby Clyde a lot even though he’s already huge :)He loves attention and cuddles, he’s […]


Clyde: equine

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