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Happy 14th birthday, Keira!

She’s slowing down, her hearing and eyesight are deteriorating a bit, but she still has a ton of fire in her too! Our Keira girl gets to celebrate another birthday today, her 14th to be precise and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Still obsessed with tennis balls, incredibly social towards people and other dogs and […]


Life with Bash: the Autumn 2017 edition

I just realized that I hadn’t written a Life with Bash post in ages! Silly me, he’s such a huge part of our lives and deserves his spot on the blog :) This year has been crazy so far. It’s been a rollercoaster for us and Bash has helped to keep me sane and grounded. […]


James: dog portraits

Meet James. 12 weeks old and a darling little Labradoodle. What a joyful little man! I may or may not have been very tempted to bring him home with me after our shoot! He’s such a social little guy and gives the best snuggles and kisses! Here are a few of my favorite images of […]

I don’t know about your dogs but our two can be obsessed with a toy for quite some time, only to forget about it completely after a while. Which results in lots of toys that are still in great condition, just lying about in the toy basket. Not being used. Such a waste… We’ve found […]


Re-using old dog toys: for dog parents


Favorite dog brands: Lucy & Co.

Another one in the series of favorite brands/stores I love browsing to find cute dog items!  This time it’s all about Lucy & Co. They offer a variety of products, from collars & leashes, to bandanas, to outfits. It’s all seriously cute! They have various different brands, each with their own story too. Our favorite? […]

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing little Olly. Olly is a cross between a Maltheser and a Shih Tzu and he’s ever so cute. You may notice his eyes straight away, such a special combo of the two colours!    We took the photos in an area where he walks often, in Voorschoten. […]


Olly: dog portraits


Natural dog company: for dog parents

Instagram is such a great tool to find items and brands you will love for your dog. Through Insta I found the Natural Dog Company a while ago and I’ve been loving their products so much! They have amazing, healing products for the nose, paws and skin, that are natural, vegan, cruelty free and organic. […]

Meet Ollie, the Cavalier King Charles SpaniĆ«l :) Isn’t he the cutest? Ollie was just 13 weeks old when I got to photograph him a few weeks ago. He did so amazingly well and for such a young puppy, he had a ton of patience! He’s the sweetest little guy and I loved his kisses […]


Ollie the Cavalier: dog portraits

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