January 13, 2016

Bruidsfoto & Film Award 2016: award nomination

Those phonecalls that make you jump for you, that make you cry happy tears…those phonecalls… I received such a phonecall at the end of November when Gerdien of Bruid & Bruidegom magazine called me to tell me I had again received a nomination for the Bruidsfoto & Film Award 2016.
It was the only contest we decided to enter last year and receiving a nomination made me cry happy tears.
Because these nominations are a huge honor with nearly 3000 images entered each year and just 80 of those receiving a nomination. It’s our 4th nomination over the past few years and I was honored to be one of the judges for the 2014 edition.

We are nominated in the category Wedding in Frames (Bruiloft in Beeld) and the wedding in question was one of my favorites this year (making it even more fun!): the wedding of Pauline & Daan.

I’m beyond grateful for this nomination and would like to say a huge massive thank you to the judges for picking this collage as one of the nominees this year! We are SO thrilled and honored! And also a massive huge thank you to Pauline and Daan for picking us to document their day and for creating such a stunning wedding that made our job so much fun!

Voting is now up to the public and you can cast your vote as of today! If you have a spare moment, we’d truly appreciate your vote! Click here to go to the voting page.

bffa nominatie 2016

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