Arizona: travel

The first thing people asked us when they heard we were traveling to Arizona was: why? Uhm, well, beceause it’s stunning!
And it really is. It houses the Grand Canyon folks, need I say more?

So after explaining to tons of people why we traveled here and why we love this state so much, I’ll show it in a few photos from our trip ;)


Insanely gorgeous Monument Valley, often overlooked when planning a trip to AZ, but so worth the visit! We stayed at the hotel in the reserve (the only one!) and you get epic views from your room. Well worth it!arizona-travel-photography255arizona-travel-photography256arizona-travel-photography257arizona-travel-photography258arizona-travel-photography259arizona-travel-photography260

We also toured Mystery Valley, which you can only visit with an official guide. So, so gorgeous!arizona-travel-photography261arizona-travel-photography262arizona-travel-photography263arizona-travel-photography264arizona-travel-photography265arizona-travel-photography266

Not to be missed: Antelope Canyon. Nature really is the most amazing artist <3arizona-travel-photography267arizona-travel-photography268arizona-travel-photography269arizona-travel-photography270arizona-travel-photography271arizona-travel-photography272arizona-travel-photography273

Horseshoe Bend, not the best photo ever of this amazing sight but I’m terrified of heights and I just couldn’t get closer to the edge without freaking out completely. Seeing people do such dangerous things just for a photo while we were there, freaked me out enough for everyone there I think! But, it’s stunning. So, so beautiful!arizona-travel-photography274

This is a castle inside the rock. Build by hand by native Americans who used to live here. Can you image how they did this? Without the equipment we have these days? So incredibly impressive!arizona-travel-photography275

Next time you’re considering a trip and are thinking about the US, do consider Arizona. It’s so worth a visit!
To see part 1 of this trip, the White Stallion Ranch in Tuscon, click here.

All photographed with the Pentax 645N, Fuji 400H film and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.


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