album design

Wedding albums, gorgeous heirloom products to offer your clients. 
I often hear photographers say they don't offer albums at all because they dislike designing them or are just not great at designing them.
I get it, you're a photographer. You started a photography business to take photos, not to edit all day behind a computer and get stuck in software to design stuff.

The solution? Outsource your album design!
I offer design services with clean and timeless designs. A clean white background and a timeless feel to ensure your clients still love the album 20 years down the line. 

I can design in the sizes your album company requests and can design both for square albums and for horizontal/vertical ones. 
The price per spread is 4 euros ex VAT and includes 2 rounds of corrections to the design. 

How does it work?
You send me an email with the details for the order: the size of the album, the album company, number of spreads and whether you have any specific requests or not.
You then upload the images to a shared Dropbox folder that I will set up for you and I'll get your design ready in 5 business days and return the spreads to you so you can deliver them to your clients for approval. 
If any changes need to be made, you let me know and I'll get those ready for you in the design. 
Simple and easy!



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